Dhanapalgadhi palace of King Dhanpal in Morang

Historical and religious place Dhanapalgadhi (धनपाल गढी) is located at Belbari Municipality, Kaseni, Morang. Gadhi means fort in the Nepali language. Today the place where the historical ruins are located was Raja Dharmapala or Dhanapal’s Gadhi. The ruins of King Dhanpal’s royal palace can be seen even today in a small forest. After observing bricks of the temple around this area it can be estimated that it is about 1000 years old. This area is spread over an area of about 35 bighas. This site is surrounded by human settlements.


Many years ago, Dhanpalgadhi was considered to be the palace of King Dhanpal and he used to rule his kingdom through this fort. Inside the Dhanpal fort Dorlokna River on the east and Lohandra river on the west can be found.

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It is believed that there used to be many ponds here. Out of the 9 ponds dug by the king, 3 ponds are still remaining where rare red and white lotus flowers are found. One pond is located in-front of the temple where lotus flowers can be seen.

Every year a big fair is held at this place during the month of Baishak. People from different parts of the country visit here during the fair especially people from the Tharu community. Tharu people of this region worship in the temple of Dhanpal. People sacrifices Goat, duck, hen in this temple. On the south side of the temple, there is a mandap for marriage.

It is a custom to light lamps in this temple every year on Saturday evening in the month of Chaitra. People from the villages around the Dhanpal fort visit here to light lamps. Before starting new work in the village, it is customary to visit here for the success of the work.

Locals say, inside the temple, brass statue of King Dhanpal and 9 bells were found. They believe that more archaeological records can be found under the ground in this area.

There is a strong belief that if you take the items from this place to your home, a person or their family will get sick or a disaster will come. If anyone returns it as it is and asks for forgiveness then they will be cured. People do not enter here with knives and scissors.

Dhanapal Gadhi festival was organized in 2064 B.S. to promote tourism in this place. Because of the good environment with birds and plants, this place is also popular for picnics. Tourists from different parts of Nepal and also from India visit this place. It is one of a place to visit in Morang.

How to reach Dhanapalgadhi?

Dhanapalgadhi is approximately 7.5 kilometers south from Belbari. From Netachok at Biratchowk road it is 9 km east. There is an entrance gate on the south side of the fort, Bindabasini Temple can be found nearby.


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