Makawanpurgadhi history and travel info

Nepal’s largest and most fortified fort Makwanpurgadhi is located in Makwanpur District of Nepal. Gadhi means Fort in the Nepali language. It is 17 km north of Hetauda. Makwanpur Gadhi was built by King Tula Sen, to secure the main fort 25 feet high and 7 feet wide wall surrounding the fort. There is a 10 feet deep canal, built to protect from enemies. The total area covered is 135 ropani. It is a very important historical place.


There are two major forts, Mool Gadhi (main fort) and Sanno Gadhi (small fort). The Mool Gadhi is the big fort with the royal residence known as Junge Durbar. Sano Gadhi was used for military parades and administration. After you enter you’ll find a temple of Vansh Gopal.

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According to the history Sen dynasty ruled Makwanpur. The king of Palpa known as Mani Mukunda Sen divided his kingdom among his four sons. The big kingdom was divided among his four sons and Makwanpur came under Lohang Sen. He was the youngest son of the king Mani Mukunda Sen who became the first king of Makwanpur.
Makwanpur was once an independent state. Its capital was Makwanpurgarhi. Digbandhan Sen was the last king of Makwanpur.

Makwanpur was the gateway to the capital. It was the place where passports were issued. Grand daughter of King Tula Sen, Indra Kumari was married to King Prithivi Narayan Shah, who annexed Makwanpur to Gorkha.

How was Makwanpur named?

It was known as Chisapani District, the headquarters was in Chisapanigadhi during the Rana regime in Nepal. Later, it was renamed Makwanpur in the name of Makwanpurgadhi. In 1982, the district headquarter moved to Hetauda.

How to reach Makawanpurgadhi?

Makawanpurgadhi lies about 17 km north from Hetauda.

Photo source: Makawanpurgadhi gaupalika


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