Mardhar simsar

Maraghar Simasar is located in Chandrapur Municipality-8, Rautahat. This is a place with historical and mythological significance.It is believed to be about 200 years old. Total land occupied by this wetland is about 32 bigha, wetlands are the strong source of water for wildlife, plants and humans. It is 700 meters long and 100 meters wide.


Maraghar Simasar is an attraction for internal and external tourists in the area. Maraghar Simasar is an area that has the potential to become the best tourist destination not only of Rautahat district but also of Madhesh province.

Different species of birds migrate to this area in different seasons including Siberian birds. A large number of birds come from Siberia during winter which make this place a major attraction for bird lovers.

How to reach Mardhar simsar ?

This place can be easily reached from Rautahat.


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