Dhaneshwor Mahadev temple

Dhaneshwor Mahadev temple (धनेश्वर महादेव मन्दिर) is located between Banepa and Panauti. It is one of the holy religious Shiva temples. You can get beautiful views of the surroundings from here. Dhaneshwor jungle, Banepa, Chaukot, Gaurishankar, and Ganesh himal can be seen from there. It is a peaceful place far from the crowded area.


According to the legend, it is said in Himavathkhanda Purana, there once lived a poor Vaisya named Shiva Das. He was not happy with his relatives. He was poor and his relatives were rich. His wealthier relatives used to insult him. After all this, he was given advice by a person named Ritu, who was a sage. According to the sage’s advice, he started worshiping Dhaneshwor Mahadev. One day Lord Mahadev was happy with his devotion and in return, he was granted a lot of property. He also became as wealthy as his relatives were. After becoming wealthy he built Dhaneshwor Mahadev temple.

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Local people say it is also believed this is the place where the right ear of Sati Devi fell. In this temple, Panchamukhi Shivalinga is worshiped including Umamaheshwor, Bhairav, Mahankal, Hanuman, Narayan, Laxminarayan and Nandi. The fair is held here during Shivaratri, Blachaturdashi, Teej and Dhanya Purnima. A large number of devotees visit this temple. Mahadev devotees visit here every morning.

How to reach Dhaneshwor Mahadev temple?

Dhaneshwor Mahadev temple can be reached by bus, car, or jeep along Panauti-Banepa Highway.


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