Lamo jharana or Jalbire jharana in Chitwan

Lamo jharana (long waterfall) which is also known as Jalbire jharana is located at Ichchhakamana-6, Jalbire, Chitwan. Jalbire is a 20-minute walk, 1 km from the Jalbire temple. It is the longest waterfall falling 102 meters in height. Waterfalls striking on the big rocks. When you observe it from the bottom it looks as if the water is falling from heaven. Green hills, natural waterfall sounds and forests add beauty to this place.

lamo jharana

There is a small natural swimming pond below the waterfall which is said to be 4-5 feet. It is said that during summer time people swim here but during winter there is no one around the pond. We suggest not entering this pond before getting suggestion from locals because its depth and details is not written anywhere.

This place is also popular for canyoning, rock climbing, jungle walks, bird watching, and village walks. To reach near waterfall there is entry fees.

How to reach Jalbire jharana or Lamo jharana?

The waterfall lies in a place named Jalbire on the Narayangarh-Mugling Highway.

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