Tilachan lake

Tilachan Lake (तिलाचन ताल) is located at Righaneta between boarders of two districts Baglung and east Rukum. It is a very beautiful tourist destination which is being popular these days. It is 3500 m above the sea level. Domestic tourists has increased after access of Madhyapahari lok marga road. Tilachan Lake is on the top of a mountain. It is unbelievable to see a lake on the top of a green grassland. Rain water is the main source of water in this lake. There is a temple by the lake.


Beautiful snow-capped mountains can be seen such as Dhaulagiri, Annapurna and also places like Baglung, Gulmi, Rolpa, Pyuthan. On the way to this lake you’ll see beautiful landscapes, different types of flowers that are found in high altitude.

It is a place to escape from hot sun during summer and enjoy snow during winters season. You’ll find cold weather and surrounded by forest. Tilachan area is a sheep grazing area. You’ll find shepherds on the way. You may not find comfortable hotels as there is no human settlements in higher altitudes. It’s better to carry food, toilet papers etc for the journey.

How to reach Tilachan lake?

Tilachan lake can be reached after 30-60 minutes walk from Patihalne, border of Baglung and Rolpa.


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