Simba Falls

Simba Falls is in Mahankal Rural Municipality, Lalitpur. Simba Falls is also known as Manikhel waterfall by the local Tamang community. It is called Simba Waterfall in the Tamang language because the water is very cold. In the Tamang language, Simba refers to cold.

Simba jharana or Simba Waterfall is a combination of different small waterfalls which makes one beautiful waterfall. The waterfall looks more beautiful during monsoon as the water level increases. It is approximately 47 km from Kathmandu.


On the way, you can also visit Tileshwar Mahadev and Saraswati Kunda located near the Lele Bus Stop. These places are religious sites and it is said that in Saraswati Kunda if someone drinks water from this kunda, he/she will be able to talk clearly for people with difficulty in talking.

How to reach Simba Falls?

It is a Tamang Village about 40-50 km away from Kathmandu. Lele to Manikhel is 20 km. Manikhel is a small settlement in Lalitpur.

Kathmandu to Simba Falls location map

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