Janti Dhunga

Janti Dhunga is located in Tulsipur, Dang, Nepal. In Nepali language “janti” means followers of marriage procession, mostly relatives, friends of bridegroom and “dhunga” means stone. There are thousands of stones in different shapes and sizes in Jhankari Dunga community forest.


Locals says, many years ago janti (a group of people) took rest in this place and all of them were turned into stone. After this incident this place is known as Janti Dhunga. These stones looks as if a group of people seating in a row. It is not only about stones but there are stones in a complete form of a janti. There is doli and horse shape stones too. Doli used to carry bride and horse is for bridegroom to ride.

Another attraction of this place is once can get beautiful views of Dang valley. Fair is held during Shivaratri in this place.


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