A Day in Paradise: Exploring Lauke Jharana

Lauke Jharana, also known as “Lauke Waterfall”, is a lovely waterfall located in the Nuwakot district in Nepal. It’s a natural waterfall where water flows down from a higher place and creates a beautiful sight. The length of the waterfall is about 120 meters. You can also see panoramic views of mountains from this place.

People from different places visit this place to enjoy its natural beauty. Swimming in it makes it even more enjoyable. While enjoying the waterfall, it feels like heaven. The most enjoyable part of the waterfall is the seven-colored rainbow that appears when the water is falling from there, leaving everyone spellbound. That rainbow makes the beauty of the waterfall even more attractive. There is another small waterfall along with Lauke waterfall.


It is about 29 kilometers from Balaju, Kathmandu, and about 6 km from Kakani to reach Lauke Waterfall. On the way to the waterfall, beautiful landscapes can be seen. The restaurants along with the trout farms open on the side of the road attract tourists. Kakani is also famous for trout fish.

Waterfalls in Nepal are often tucked away in lush, natural settings, offering a serene and refreshing environment for visitors. Adventure lovers can enjoy cannoning in waterfalls like Lauke, Fung Fung, Sanchhare, Thul Chhare, Sisneri, etc.

How to reach Lauke Jharana?

Lauke waterfall can be reached from Kathmandu through the Pasang Lhamu route while observing the panoramic view of Kakani. You can reach there within 3-4 hours of journey.

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