Kanyam Picnic Spot

Kanyam picnic spot (कन्याम पिक्निक) is a beautiful place for having picnics in Nepal. It is also popular picnic spots. People from Darjeeling, India also visits this place for picnics. It’s in the Ilam District, and it’s famous for its tea gardens and nature. When you visit Kanyam, you’ll see lots of tea gardens growing neatly in rows just like a green carpet. The greenery looks amazing against the backdrop of the misty mountains.

During picnic season this place is crowded. There are many open picnic spots in this area. There is a big ground for parking buses. You’ll also find lots of small shops around near the picnic spots. One can cook food in the picnic spots on the hill.


One of the best things about Kanyam is the fresh tea you can drink there. Many small tea shops line the roads, and they serve tea made from the tea leaves grown right there. It’s a special experience to enjoy a cup of Nepali tea while taking in the peaceful surroundings.

If you like adventure, there are also hiking trails in Kanyam. These trails wind through hills and forests, giving you a chance to see different plants during picnic. The air is fresh, and you can hear the sounds of nature all around you.

In short, Kanyam is a special place where you can enjoy nature, adventure, and the warmth of Nepali culture. It’s perfect for a relaxing picnic.

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