Prithvi narayan shah father and mother

Prithvi narayan shah

Father of Prithvi Narayan Shah is Nara Bhupal Shah. He was born on 1697 in Gorkha. He was the king of the Gorkha Kingdom. Nara Bhupal Shah father name is Birbhadra Shah and mother Malikavati Devi. His grandfather is Prithvipati Shah. He was married to Chandraprabhawati Devi (princess of Khaachi state) and Kaushalyavati Devi (princess … Read more

Prithvi narayan shah sons

Prithvi narayan shah sons

Prithvi Narayan Shah started the campaign for the unification of Nepal. He unified small kingdoms and made a greater Nepal. Before unification movement, there were a total of 54 states in Nepal. In the South-Eastern Terai, there were three Sen states named Bijayapur, Chaudandi and Makawanpur. In the West, from Gorkha to Gandaki Province, there … Read more

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