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Here we’ve managed Youtube videos according to the category so that it will be easy for you to find Nepalbhasa videos. We’d like to hear from you. Please leave your comments/feedback in the comment section below. Your suggestion will work as motivation or help us to make better videos in coming days.

  1. Counting money in Newari – Learn to count money in Nepalbhasa.
  2. Dekhayko suneko Kathmandu – It is about things what we’ve heard from our grandfather, grandmother etc.
  3. Food recipe
  4. Funny Newari conversation – Fun and learning at the same time.
  5. House/ building designs – House designs in Kathmandu. Please let us know if you like to see more house designs of Kathmandu.
  6. Place to see in Kathmandu
  7. Rochak prasanga – It is in Nepali but I guess you’ll like to see it.
  8. Maicha Baucha conversation in Nepalbhasa – Learn Nepalbhasa via conversation.
  9. Marriage in Newari – Talking about Mmarriage in Nepalbhasa
  10. NepalBhasa
  11. Nepalbhasa at work – Newa language for people in different sectors.
  12. Nepalbhasa daily used words – Newa language words
  13. Nepalbhasa words and sentences related with love – About love in Nepalbhasa
  14. Newari festivals – Talking about Newa festivals in Nepalbhasa
  15. Newari language basic sentences – Useful for beginners.
  16. Newari language family conversation – Nepalbhasa conversation.
  17. Newari language in different profession
  18. Newari language learning 100 videos in this playlist
  19. Newari Idioms
  20. Newari language daily conversation
  21. Newari song lyrics in Nepali – Lyrics of popular Newa songs with meaning in Nepalbhasa.
  22. Newari words
  23. Numbers in Newari
  24. Picnic spot
  25. Romantic Newari converstion Nepal Bhasha
  26. World Heritage Sites in Nepal

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