Happy dashain in Newari language

If you’re wondering how to say happy Dashain in the Newari language then it is called “Mo-ha-ni na-kha ya bhin-tu-na”.


It is one of the most important festivals like Pahachare, Machendranath jatra in Patan, Sunti etc. Among other communities and Newa, it is celebrated with slight differences. It is also a time for family reunions. People celebrate special family dinners called Bhwoae, Nakhtya, and various community processions of deities. Ghatasthapana, Phool Pati, Mahaastami, Nawami, and Vijaya Dashami are the series of events under Dashain each marked with a different set of rituals. This is the longest festival celebrated for two weeks with prayers and offerings to Durga in Nepal. Durga is believed to be the Universal Mother Goddess. Goddess Durga, symbolizing valor and prowess, is worshipped and offered sacrifices.

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2 thoughts on “Happy dashain in Newari language”

  1. very nice . just a beginner . what about numericals ? tenses like go/went/gone etc-
    I am deeply interested to know ABOUT HISTORY OF OUR LANGUAGE though I am an Indian .
    It will be great if some reference on this aspect is given.

    • Thank you so much. Please check numbericals in youtube channel named “Timila ja”. If there is any queries please feel free to message us, we’ll be glad to assist you.


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