How to say i love you in karen?

Karen language is divided into two parts Sakor and Pow Karen. Here, you’ll learn to say I love you in the Karen language which is known as the Sakor Karen language. These two languages Sakor and Pow are different. You can say I love you in Karen language by saying Yer aer na.
To say I miss you you can say Yer sa ger yue ba na.


Other words and sentences in karen language.
Hello: O mue cho per.
Thank you: Tar bluer.
Today: Tar nee ya e
In the morning: Ngor kor
In the afternoon: Mue too
In the everning: Mue ha lor
When: Chi lor
Why: Ba lor
Yesturday: Meu ha nee.

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How are you?
Ner O Choo Ar.
You can simple reply like this I’m fine in karen you can say Oh choo.

That all right.
Ter ba ner mee bah.

Where is it?
Pa lae tor lor.

Where are you been?
La pa lor ge.

What your name?
Na ner mee dee lor.
You can reply this question by saying I’m Paul and in Karen Ya jer mee Paul.

Where do you live?
Ner oh pa lor
Reply I live in USA and in Karen language you can say Ya jer oh ler/ USA.

I’m so sorry.
Wee sa joo.

How old are you?
Na ner nee Paw lor.

How much is it?
Dee lor e.

Help me please.
Ma jer ya jeh.

Nice to meet you can be said as Sa kue ler ne si ya ba na and to say Have a good luck you can say Kee ler na ner gor ba tar cho nge.


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