I love you in Tamil language

I – Naan/நான்
You – unnai/உன்னை (singular)
You – ungalai/ உங்களை (respectful)
Love means kaadhal and anbu (with your parents or your dear ones).


I missed you so much.
Unnai rumba izhanthu vittéan.

I miss you in Tamil meaning
உன் இன்மை உணர்கிறேன்
Uṉ iṉmai uṇarkiṟēṉ

Missing someone special meaning in Tamil
ஒருவரை காணவில்லை
Oruvarai kāṇavillai

Miss you badly meaning in Tamil
உன்னை மோசமாக இழக்கிறேன்
Uṉṉai mōcamāka iḻakkiṟēṉ

I miss him meaning in Tamil
நான் அவரை இழக்கிறேன்
Nāṉ avarai iḻakkiṟēṉ

Tamil Words:

I – Naan
He – Avan
She – Aval
You – Nee
It – Athu
Come – Vaa
Came – Vanthuttan (male)
Drink – Kudi
Eat – Saapidu
Go – Poa
Open – Thera
Opened – Theranthiruke
Run – Odu
Sit – Ukkarru
Win – Jayie
Walk – Nadae
Friend – Nanbaa
Good – Sari

Tamil Greetings:



Romba Nandri

Thank you!
Romba Nandri

You’re welcome!
Paravaa illa

Good morning!
Kaalai Vanakkam

Good evening!
Maalai Vanakkam

Good night!
Iravu vanakkam

Tamil language sentences:

Yes, of course.
Aama, pinna.

How are you?
Eppati irukkinga?

I’m fine, thanks!
Nallaa irukéan!

And you?

Come with me!
Ennodu Vaanga!

Excuse me!

What’s new?
Enna seithi?

Nothing much
Onnum illai

See you later!
Apram paarkalame!

Good bye!
Poittu varén!

How much is this?
Idhu evvalavu?

How did you come?
Nee eppadi vanthe?

How did you drive?
Nee epadi oattina?

How did you sleep?
Nee epadi thoongina?

How did you write?
Nee epadi ezhuthina?

Why did you come?
Yean vantha?

Hold on please! (phone)

One moment please!
Oru nimidam!

Why do you drive the car?
Yaen car ottina?

Why did he bring the bag?
Avan yean pai kondu vanthan?

Why did she pay the money?
Aval yaen kaasu koduthal?

Why did you tell him to go?
Yaen avana poga sonna?

Why did they sit there?
Avunga yaen inga utkaanthirukaanga?

Why are they late for the meeting?
Yean avunga meeting ku thamadama vanthaanga?

How many did you take?
Ethana nee edutha?

Which is the sweetest fruit?
Unnaku rumba inipaana palam ethu?

Which way did you come?
Entha valiya vanthe?

Which is your favorite color?
Virupamana niram enna?

Will you come with me?
Enkoda varuviya?

I shall come with you.
Naan wunkoda varuven.

In which room did you sleep?
Entha arailla thoongina?

Will you give me your pen?
Peanava kodupeengala?

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