Malikarjun temple in Nepal

Malikarjun temple is located in Malikarjun VDC, Darchula District. It is in Sudurpashchim Province, Nepal. This is a famous temple of Shiva and Parvati where Malika is worshiped as Parbati while Arjun represents Shiva. It is 46 km from Khalanga and situated at an altitude of 3200 me above sea level.


It is considered to be the second of the 12 Jyotirlingas of Shiva in various mythological religious texts. It is the main religious tourist attraction of the district. In 2065 B.S. (Nepali year), it was declared as the 7th sanctuary of the nation by the Government of Nepal.

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Devotees visit this temple, especially during the months of Ashadh and Kartik. During Asar Sukla Chatudarshi and Kartik Shukla Triodashi, pujan jatra is held at Shailyasikhar Dham which is 5 km from Malikarjun Temple.

Gaura Festival is also celebrated every year in August.


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