Nirmal Pokhari village and tourism activities

Nirmal pokhari (निर्मल पोखरी) is a village development committee in Kaski, Nepal. It is at an altitude of 1450 m from the sea level, situated among lush terraces and jungle. Nirmal Pokhari village is approximately 18 km from Pokhara (Devi’s Fall) and about 203 km from Kathmandu. To the west, is the Shivalaya VDC (Village Development Committee), and to the east is the VDC of Kristi. It is popular for family-run farms, especially orange and some families in the region also produce coffee.

Nirmal Pokhari is best known for its production of oranges. Travelers can also get fresh, first-hand oranges in nearby markets. Besides these rice, wheat, corn, millet, vegetables, etc are grown here. It had a population of 4,386 persons living in 897 individual households during the 1991 Nepal census. Tourist flow in Nirmal Pokhari is growing day by day. Here, you’ll find picnic spots, resorts, homestays, etc.

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With good natural vegetation and greenery everywhere, Nirmal Pokhari also consists of forests, vegetation and agricultural farms. It is a peaceful and beautiful place to visit with numerous green mountains, beautiful rivers and interesting caves. In this village, there are temples of Mahadev, Ganesha, Bhairav Temple, Jaldevi Temple, Gopeshwar Shiva Temple etc. Major tourist attractions are Furse Khola, Phoksingh Danda, Kahule Danda, Jhimal Thum, Kot Danda etc. are places that are filled with natural beauty.

Government and private schools are also running well here. Popular singer Karna Das, former Tourism minister Rabindra Adhikari etc are some famous faces from this place. Most of the people residing here are farmers by occupation.

Nirmal Pokhari hike

The Nirmal Pokhari hike starts near Devi’s Fall and it lies at the foothills of majestic Himalayan peaks. You can view beautiful landscapes, and villages on the way. From Nirmal Pokhari you can get a beautiful view of Pokhara Valley along with the Himalayan ranges. You can experience the beauty of snow-covered peaks in less crowded places, making it a good choice for visitors seeking an escape to experience day-to-day farming and community life in Nepal without the distractions of busy tourist activities.

Beautiful views of the popular lakes of Pokhara known as Fewa tal, Rupa taal and Begnas taal can be seen from the viewpoint. Besides this Syangja and other villages of nearby districts are visible from this place. You’ll also find a homestay to stay at night. You can enjoy local food, freshly harvested from their farms with nice people. You may also see food cooked over firewood woods and it is tastier. After reaching Nirmal Pokhari you can hike down through the jungle and return to Pokhara. This is an easy hike and also suitable for beginners.

There might be no public toilets here however toilets exist within households and people are well aware of sanitation.

How to get there?

You can reach Nirmal Pokhari village from Pokhara by public transportation (local bus service), taxi, or jeep. From Pokhara, the road is about 10 km and is in fair condition.

Nirmal Pokhari is connected by two main roads. Paved roads connect various places of Bharat Pokhari village through Duwar, Bagmara. Also, other rural dirt roads connect various villages of the village like Chillane Khark, Lamkhet, Khampur, Dhurseni, Thuliswara, Thapple Tilahar, Thapale, Jamarke, Baaspani, Gahireswara, Mahbari etc places are connected. Similarly, villages like Fedipatan, Damsadi, Maspatan, Azingare, Kharchang etc. are also connected by various rural roads.

Roadways connected to Nirmal Pokhari

Dovilla Nirmal Pokhari roadways
Chhorepatan, Kristhi Nirmal Pokhari road ways
Bagmara Maidan Road ways
Bharatpokhari Roadways

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