Ghadiarwa Pokhari Place to visit in Birgunj

Ghadiarwa Pokhari is a big pond, with a temple at it’s center. To reach the temple there is a bridge that connects the temple. To escape from busy city, this pond is a good destination for peace and refreshment. It is located in Birgunj, Parsa district, Nepal. It is a quite place located in southern east from Ghantaghar Birgunj.


It is a popular religious and tourist destination in Birgunj, covering area of 5 bighas. In Poush 13, 2056 B.S., this place was inaugurated by the King of Nepal Birendra Bir Bikram Shah. At the corner of this pond there is a big statue of God Sun. There is a statue of goddess Ganga as well. Daily arrati is performed in this temple. Ghadiarwa Pokhari is one of the main attraction in Birgunj. You can enjoy natural beauty and views around the pond.

A big fair is held especially during Chhath in this pond and the pond is decorated during this season. It is decorated like a bride with lights, flowers etc. Reflection of colorful lights on the water after dark enhances it’s beauty. Chhath is a hindu festival and devotees pray to Sun during this festival. It falls between October and November. During this time the pond is crowded with devotees.

Another attraction in this place is boating. You’ll also find a park and the park is near Clock-tower (Ghantaghar). It is well managed with restrooms. The park is a popular refreshment place, also family outing destinations for people near by. In the morning, you’ll find people doing yoga, morning walk and exercise.

Visitors from different parts of the country and also from neighboring country India visits here and there is small entrance fees. It is also popular for film Shooting in Nepal.

How to reach Ghadiarwa Pokhari?

From Kathmandu it will take 4-7 hours approximately (depending upon vehicle) by land. It is 136 km from Kathmandu and from Birgunj, Ghadiarwa Pokhari is 5 km.


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