Someshwar Gadhi in Madi Chitwan

Historical place Someshwar Gadhi is also known as Someshwar temple. Before many years ago, Someshwar Gadhi was also known as Someshwar Parbat. It is one of the major tourist attraction located in Madi municipality of Chitwan District. Madi is surrounded on three sides by the Chitwan National Park. On the south of Madi there is Someshwar Gadhi. You can get beautiful landscapes and the entire Madi from the top of Someshwar Gadhi.


There is a water source known as “Chandra kuwa”. It is believed that skin disease will be cured with that water. It was preserved by a local named Nilkantha sapkota. It doesn’t dry up during summer and doesn’t overflows during rainy season.

According to the history, King of Palpa Mukunda Sen built Someshwar Gadi to stop the British army. Different weapons were found on the hill at this gadhi at different times. The Licchavi king Mandev ruled in Kathmandu and he invaded the Mallapuri. After attack on his way back to Kathmandu, the Tharu caste settled in Chitwan and it is said the human settlement in Chitwan started from Madi.

Fair is held during Chaite dashain, devottess from neighboring country India also visits here. Trade with India was done via Madi’s Someshwar route and Licchavi rulers also use this route, the only border crossing between Nepal and India at that time.

Madi is known for it’s conflict between wildlife and humans, sometimes wild animals enters into the residential areas. It is the highest peak on the Nepal-India border, there is a border post number 45 of Nepal and India near Someshwar area.

How to reach Someshor Gadhi?

Distance from Kathmandu to Madi is 198 km approximately and it is about 11 km from Basantapur in Madi.


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