I love you in Assamese and I miss you word meaning

Here, you’ll learn how to say I love you in Assamese language with each word meaning and proper explanation. You’ll also learn other words and sentences.

I love you
Moi tumak bhal pau
মই তোমাক ভাল পাওঁ


moi: mo-oi
tumak: tu-mak
bhal: bh-aal
pau: you can say POW

Moi: I
Tumak: You
Bhal: Love (in these sentence it is ‘Love’, but ‘Bhal’ also means ‘Good’ in different sentence framings)
Pau: it is verb meaning different as per sentence framing as in this sentence means ‘Do.

If you’re saying it to your lover or husband/wife: mur hridoyor akoluwa morombure proti xkhyone tumar naam loi.

To your friend (as a friend): toi bohut bhaal beh, dher morom

I miss you in Assamese.
Tumaloy mur monot porise.
Tu-ma-loy mu-r mo-no-t po-ri-se.
তোমালৈ মোৰ মনত পৰিছ ।

I miss you in Assamese Deeply.
Tumaloy mur borkoy monot porise.
তোমালৈ মোৰ বৰকৈ মনত পৰিছে ।

Other Assamese word meaning list

Hello (formal way)

hoe, o
হয়, অ

nohoe, nai
নহয়, নাই

Do you speak English?
apuni ingrazi zanene?
আপুনি ইংৰাজী জানেনে?

I can’t speak Assamese
moi oxomia kobo nuaru.
মই অসমীয়া কব নোৱাৰোঁ।

I speak some Assamese.
moi oxomia olop zanu.
মই অসমীয়াঅলপ জানো।

I don’t understand.
moi nubuzilu.
মই নুবুজিলে।

How are you?

How are you?
ki khobor?
কি খবৰ?

I am fine
moi vale asu
(মই) ভালে আছোঁ

Fine, and you?
vale, apunar?
ভালে, আপোনাৰ?

What is your name?
apunar namtu ki(nu)? (nu is a polite suffix for wh questions)
আপোনাৰ নামটো কি(নো)?

My name is akash.
mur nam Akash.
মোৰ নাম

What time is it?
kiman bazise(nu)?
কিমান বাজিছে(নো)?

Where is the toilet?
toilet kot (ase)(nu)?
টৈলেট ক’ত (আছে)(নো)?

Nice to meet you.
apunak log pai val lagil.
আপোনাক লগ পাই ভাল লাগিল।

Nice to meet you too (reply).
muru val lagil.
মোৰো ভাল লাগিল।

See you later
akou log pam
আকৌ লগ পাম

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