I love you in Marwadi language and other love phrases with meaning

Translation for “I love you” in Marwadi is “main tanne pyaar karoon”.
Meaning of the words:
I – main
Love – pyaar
You – tanne
Do – karoon


Marwadi words list:

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Boy – Chhora
Girl – Chhori
Man – Aadmi
Woman – Lugai
Kid – Taabar
Day – Din
Today – Aaj
Tomorrow – Kaale
Yesterday – Kaale
Day after tomorrow – Parson
Day before yesterday – Parson
Teacher – Maatsa
Come – Aawo
Came – Aaya saa
Drink – Piyo
Eat – Kha
Go – Jawo
I – Main
He – Woh
She – Wa
You – Tu/ tanne
Run – Doddo
Sit – Baitho
That – Woh
Will come – Aawela
Open – Khulo
Opened – Kholyo
Walk – Haalo
What – Kaain
Win – Jeet
Will open – Khul jawega

Learn Marwari language:

Do you love me?
Tu manne pyaar kare hai kai?

Yes, I love you.
Haan, main tanne pyaar karoon.

No, I don’t love you.
Nahi, main tanne pyaar koni karoon.

You look very beautiful/handsome.
To boy – Tu ghano futro dikhe
To girl – Tu ghani futri dikhe

I don’t like it
Mahnne accho nahi lage.

I didn’t like it
Mahnne accho nahi lago.

Can I ask you a question?
Kai mai aapne ek prashn pooch saku?

How are you?
Tu kikar hai?

I am fine.
Main haawal hu.

Did you have lunch?
Tu dopahari kari kai?

What is your name?
Tharo naam kaain hein?

What did you do?
Tu kaain karyo?

Yes, of course.
Haan, jaroor.

What you had been told?
Tanne kaain batayo ho?

What should I do?
Main kaain karoon?

What can I do?
Main kaain kar sakoo?

Where did you go?
Aap khatte gaya tha?

Why did you sleep?
Tu kyu huto?

Why did you come?
Tu kyu aaiyo?

Why did he bring the bag?
Woh bag kyu laayo ho?

Why did they sit there?
Ve wathe kyu baitha?

Why did she pay the money?
Wa paisa kyu diya?

Why do you drive the car?
Tu gaadi kyu halai?

Why did you tell him to go?
Tu une jaavane kyu kiyo?

Why are they late for the meeting?
Ve meeting mein late kyu viya?

How did you come?
Tu kikar aayo?

How did you sleep?
Tu kikar huto?

How did you drive?
Tu kikar gaadi halayi?

How did you write?
Tu kikar likhyo?

How much did he pay you?
Woh tanne kitta paisa diya?

How much distance to go?
Aur kitto aago jaano hai?

How was the journey yesterday?
Kaale re yatra kikar rahi?

Which way did you come?
Tu kiya rasta oo aayo?

Which is your favourite colour?
Tanne kiya rang chokho laage?

Which story did you tell?
Tu ki kahani sunaai?

Which is the sweetest fruit?
Sabau mitho fal kiyo we?

Which Indian state has the largest population?
Bharat re kiye rajya mein sabau jayda aabadi hai?

Where did you come from?
Tu kathe su aayo?

Will you come with me?
Tu mhaare haathe halela kai?

I shall come with you.
Main thare haathe haalula.

Will you give me your pen?
Tu manne tharo pen devela kai?

Realtionship in Marwari language:

Mother – Maasa
Father – Baasa
Mother-in-law – Sasuma
Father-in-law – Sasurji
Brother – Bhaisa
Sister – Behan
Sister’s son (Nephew) – Bhanjo
Sister’s daughter (Niece) – Bhanjie
Brother’s son (Nephew) – Bhatijo
Brother’s daughter (Niece) – Bhatijie
Father’s brother(Uncle) – Kako
Father’s sister-in-law(Aunt) – Kaki
Father’s sister(Aunt) – Bhua
Father’s brother-in-law(Uncle) – Fufaji
Mother’s sister(Aunt) – Maasiji
Mother’s brother-in-law(Uncle) – Maasaji
Mother’s brother(Uncle) – Mamaji
Mother’s sister-in-law (Aunt) – Mamiji

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