How to say I love you in Santali language

The translation for “I love you” in Santali language is “ing aameng dular eh meya”.
Meaning of the words:
I – Ing
Love – dular
You – Aam


Do you love me?
Ched aam ingem dular eng kana ?

Yes, of course.
Hen, chedah bang.

Yes, I love you.
Hen, ing aameng dular eh meya.

Santali word list:

I – Ing
He – Uni
She – Hani
You – Aam
Come – Hijuh meh/ hijuh ben
Came – Heh nay
Drink – Nuymeh
Eat – Jum meh
Go – Chalah me
Open – hig me
Run – Neer aam
Sit – Duruh meh
Walk – Delang
What – Ched
Will come – Johar
Will open – Jhih gam

Santali language sentences:

How are you?
Aam ched lekah menama ?

I am fine.
Ing bhale geyanah.

She came by bus yesterday.
Uni hola bus gaddi the hih enay.

They went to the temple.
Uni mandir re chalaaw ena.

He will eat.
Uni jomaay.

He will go.
Uni chala aay.

He will come.
Uni hijuh aay.

What is your name?
Amah/ abenah nutun ched kana?

What did you do?
Aamge/ abeng geh?

What should I do?
Ing chedeng chekaya?

What can I do?
Ing chedeng cheka dareyaa?

What you had been told?
Aben do ched ko metah bena?

What will be the answer?
Tela ched huyuh aah?

Why did you come?
Aam/ aben chedah ben hih aakana?

Why did you tell him to go?
Aam uni chedah chalah em mita diyah?

How did you write?
Aamdo chekatem ol keda?

Where are you coming from?
Aam okah khon em hijuh kana?

Will you come with me?
Ched aam ing salah em chalah aah?

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