How to say I love you in Tulu language?

The translation for “I love you” in Tulu language is “Yank ninade preeti Malpuye”.
Meaning of the words:
I – yaan
Love – preeti
You – ee


Do you love me ?
Ee yennan preeti malpuvana?

Yes, I love you.
Andd, Yaan ninade preeti malpuye.

No, I don’t love you.
Ijji, Yaan ninade preeti malpuji.

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Tulu word list:

I – yaan
You – ee
He – aaye
She – aal
We – nama
They – akl
This – undu
That – avu

Tulu language sentences:



Daya maltadu

Yenna thapu aandu


Excuse Me

Thank You
Mast Upakara

How Are You?
Yencha Ullar?

Good night
Yedde rathre

Good Evening
Yedde baiyya

Good Afternoon
Yedde madhyana

Good Morning
Yedde kaande

He had gone.
Aaye poditte.

He had come.
Aaye batte.

He will eat.
Aaye tinpe.

He will go.
Aaye pope.

He will come.
Aaye barpe.

How are you?
Ee yencha ulla?

I am fine.
Yaan saukya ulle.

Give that one.
Aven korle.

What is this?
undu dade?

Bring it fast.
Nen beka kanale.

What is your name?
pudar enchine?

What can I do?
Yaan yenchina malpudu?

What did you do?
Ee daada malpuva?

What should I do?
Yaan daada malpodu?

Where are you working?
eer olu bEle maltondullar?

Why didn’t you do it?
Ee dhaayeg malthijaa?

What was the trouble?
Dhaane aadhiththand?

Nothing else.
Daala ijji

Ok, see you next time.
Aavu, buka tikga.

I will come.
yaan barpe.

When did you come?
eer Epa battini?

Hello, How are you?
namaskaara, encha ullar?

Had your lunch?
vaNas aanDa?

What are you doing?
ee daada maltondulla?

Ok, see you next time.
aavu, buka tikga.

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