I love you in Sindhi language with video and other sentences

I love you – Maa tokha pyaar kando aayan.

I Maa (maei)
You Tokha (tumeh)
Love Pyar (pyar)
Do Kando (karta)
Is Aayan (hu)

Sindhi language has its own dialects according to their region or areas.

For example:
In Larri dilect it is said as –
Aon to san pyar kyan tho
آئون تو سان پيار ڪيان ٿو

In Thari dilect it is said as –
Hoon ten san pyar karan to
ھون تين سان پيار ڪران تو

In Utradi dilect it is said as –
Maan to san pyar kyan tho
مان تو سان پيار ڪيان ٿو

I miss you in Sindhi.
Maan tou kkhy saariyaan tho.
مان توهان کي ساريان ٿو

Sindhi words list:
Yes – Ha
No – Na
Hello – Assalam O Alaikum
Please – Mehrbani
Thanks – Meharbani
Sorry – Maaf Kajo
Excuse me – Maaf Kajo
Today – Aju
Yesterday – Kalh
Tomorrow – Subhane
Good morning – Subho Bakhair
Good afternoon – Assalam o Alaikum
Good evening – Sham Jo Salam
When – kadheen
Goodbye – Allah Wahi
Night – Raat

Days name in Sindhi language:
Sunday – Aachar
Monday – Soomar
Tuesdy – Angaro
Wednesday – Arbaa
Thursday – Khamees
Friday – Jumoo
Saterday – Chanchar

Counting in Sindhi language:
One – Hik
Two -Ba
Three -Te
Four – Char
Five – Punja
Six – Chha
Seven – Sat
Eight – Atha
Nine – Nava
Ten – Daha
Eleven – Yrhaanh
Twelve – Barhaanh
Thirteen – Terhanh
Forteen – Chodhanh
Fifteen – Pandranh
Sixteen – Soranhh
Seventeen – Satranhh
Eighteen – Arnahh
Ninteen – Unweeha
Twenty – Weeha
Fifty – Punjah
Hundred – Sow
Thousand – Hazaar

Sindhi sentence translation in English
What is your name?
Awhaan jo nalo chha aahe?

My name is Jack.
Muhenjo Nalo Jack aahe.

Pleased to meet you.
Awhaan saan mili Khushi Thi.

Where are you going?
Awhaan kithey piya wanjo?

I want to go back. (male)
Aaoon wanjan chahyan tho.

I want to go back. (female)
Aaoon wanjan chahyan thi.

What Happened?
Chha thiyo?

Today is Friday.
Aaj Jumoo aahe.

I’m sorry
Moon khe afsos aahe

Where is food?
Khado kithey aahe?

What is day today?
Aaju chajo deenh aahe.

Can you help me please?
chha Awhan muhenji madad kanda?

I am trying to learn Sindhi.
Maan sindhi sikhan ji koshis kare rahyo aahyan.

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