I love you in Chhattisgarhi language and other sentences

I love you – Main tor se maya karatho


Do you love me?
Tain mor kara mayaa kar thas?

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Yes, I love you.
Haan, main tor kara mayaa karthon.

Chhattisgarhi word list:

He – Oha
She – Oha
You – Tain
Come – Aa
Came – Aaees
Drink – Pee
Eat – Khaa
Go – Jaa
I – Main
Open – Khol
Opened – Kholis
Run – Daud
Sit – Baith
Walk – Reng
Will come – Aahee
Will open – Kholhee
Win – Jeet


Of course.

Chhattisgarhi language sentences:

Can you give me your pen?
Tai mola tor pen de sak thas?

Can you lift the box?
Tain dabba la utha sak thas?

Can you write the exam?
Tain pariksha likh sak thas?

Did you have lunch?
Tain khaanaa khaye has?

He has eaten.
Oha khaalees.

He had eaten.
O khaye hay.

He had come.
O aa gaye hay.

He will eat.
Oha khahee.

He will go.
Oha jaahee.

He will come.
Oha aahee.

How are you?
Tain kaise has?

I am fine.
Main bane ho.

I shall come with you.
Main tor sang aahaan

How did you come?
Tain kaise aaye?

How did you sleep?
Tain kaise soote?

How did you drive?
Tain kaise chalaaye?

How did you write?
Tain kaise likhe?

What is your name?
Tor naam kaa haawaye?

What did you do?
Tain kaa kare?

What should I do?
Main kaa karon?

What can I do?
Main kaa kar sakthon?

He is eating an apple.
O seb kha-hat hay.

He ate an apple.
O seb khaees.

She came by bus yesterday.
O kal bas le aaees.

They went to the mosque.
Oman masjid gaye hay.

He slept the whole night.
Woha pure raat soees hawaye.

He wrote well in the examination.
Woha pariksha ma achcha likhe hai.

What you had been told?
Tola kaa bataye gaye hai?

What will be the answer?
Jawab kaa hohee?

What are the questions?
Kaa sawal haawaye?

What were the questions?
Kaa sawal rahis?

What is the last question?
Aakhiri sawal kaa rahis?

What is written in the letter?
Chitthi me kaa likhe hai?

Why did you come?
Tain kaabar aaye has?

Why did you sleep?
Tain kaabar soote rahe?

Why did you tell him to go?
Tain kaabar ola jae bar bole?

Why did he bring the bag?
O basta kaabar laees?

Why did she pay the money?
O paisa kaabar chukaaees?

Why did they sit there?
Oman oti kaabar baithe hay?

Why do you drive the car?
Tain car kaabar chalaaye?

Why are they late for the meeting?
Oman la mile bar der kaaar ho gaees?

How many apples are there in my hand?
Mor haath ma katta thi seb hay?

How many did you take?
Tain katta tho le has?

How much did he pay you?
O tola katta chukaye haawaye?

How much distance to go?
Katta door jaye bar hai?

How was the journey yesterday?
Kaal ke safar kaisane rahis?

Which way did you come?
Tain katee le aaye has?

Which is your favourite colour?
Tor manchaha rang kaun se hai?

In which room did you sleep?
Tain kaun se kamare ma sootey rahe?

Which story did you tell?
Tain kaun se kahani sunaaye?

Which is the sweetest fruit?
Sable mittha fal kaun sa hawaye?

Which is the best newspaper in Hindi?
Hindi ke sable bane paper kaun hawaye?

Which Indian state has the largest population?
Bharat ke kaun se rajya ma sable zyada log rahte?

Where did you come from?
Tain kati le aaye has?

Where did you sleep?
Tain kati soote rahe?

Where is the manager’s cabin?
Manager ke kamaraa kati hawaye?

Where should I go?
Main kati jaon?

Whom should I contact?
Main kaun karaa poonchon?

Will you come with me?
Tain mor sang aabe?

Will you give me your pen?
Tain mola tor pen debe?

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