khotang diktel

Khotang District (खोटाङ) is in Province No. 1 of eastern Nepal and Diktel is its administrative headquarter. It is connected by Bhojpur District in the east, Okhaldhunga district in the west, Solukhumbu district in the North and Udayapur district in the south. It spreads within the tropical zone and covers around an area of 2000 square km. Before the unification of Nepal by King Prithvi Narayan Shah, Khotang was a part of Majha Kirat also known as Khambuwan.

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The land area between two rivers from Arun to Dudh Koshi was Majha Kirat which was under suzerainty of Sen King of Chaudandigadhi. The majority population is Rai and the rest of the percentage of the population is Magar, Gurung, Tamang-Sherpa, Newar, Brahman-Chhetri, and others. Khotang is a land of scenic beauty and attractive tourist places which are still hidden in themselves because of having a big problem of good transportation but you can get there by air. It Prides own on itself but never had a chance to express it to others.

Khotang Airport

Khotang is known as a holy place of eastern Nepal, the Halesi is the Pashupati of eastern Nepal. So it is the main destination from the tourism point of view. There are three airports in the Khotang district Lamidanda, Khotang Bajar & Thamkharka.
Lamidanda is the nearest airport to Haleshi. The weather is not variable even in summer.

Diktel Bazaar

Diktel is the headquarter of Khotang District, situated in the North-east of Khotang. It is a remote but very beautiful. Diktel Village Development Committee (VDC) covers about 10 square km but Diktel bazaar covers about 1/15 square km. Diktel bazaar is one of the busiest places where people have to come for official work. The majority of people who live here are Rai, Tamang, Newar and Brahman, Gurung, Thapa etc.

In Diktel, there is a campus called Diktel multiple campus and it has a high school also named Saraswati Secondary School. There is a place called Hatdanda where people go to buy their necessary things every Wednesday and Saturday. It is a small place but it is really beautiful. If you want to see then you can go to worship, is called Debisthan and you can see all the beautiful views of Diktel. It is 5000 m high from sea level.

Haleshi Mahadevsthan

Haleshi Mahadevsthan is situated in the Khotang district in Nepal which is the most important and attractive natural place to bring people in Khotang. It is approx 30 km away from Diktel (district headquarters). Actual Mahadevsthan is located at a small rocky knoll. It looks like a pot, made by a pottery and made of stone. There are some trees on the knoll. There is a hole on the other side of the Mahadevsthan at the same knoll, which is called the Basaha hole.

It is approximately 100 meters long and 20 meters wide. The entrance of the hole is approx 3 meters high and 3 meters wide, up to 50 meters long and the remaining space is wider. Many people come here for worship. Some of the Pilgrims come from India and Tibet as well. This place is welcome for any religion or culture so you can see Buddhists, Hindus, Christians, etc. People do believe that, if someone wishes to go to Mahadevsthan, he must go there otherwise Mahadev will punish him someday and in some way.

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