Panini Tapobhumi

Panini Tapobhumi (पाणिनि तपोभुमि) is located on the high hill of Panena village in the Arghakhanchi. It is a Hindu temple that was named after the sage Panini. Panini Tapobhumi is an archaeological site and also a popular beautiful scenic spot place, interesting tourist destination. It is located in the middle of a large forest. From this place, beautiful views of the Himalayas, Terai, hill and up to Gorakhpur in India can be seen. There are different types of herbs, wild animals and birds found in this area. At the center of this place, there is a big lake.


Panini was born in Shalatur (current Lahore), Pakistan. Earlier, the word Shalatur became Halathur, Halahur, Lahur and Lahore. He was a son of a rich father and he did not show much interest while studying. He was defeated by his classmates and his parents sent him to Pataliputra (Patna) and there he studied in a school in Takshashila. Studying there for some time, he lost the exam to his friend Katyayan.

After that, he was suggested that if he worshiped Shiva in the Himalayas, he would get success. He went searching for the Himalayas, found a beautiful place in the eastern part of Arghakhanchi and started worshiping Lord Shiva. One day Shiva appeared and blessed him.

Then he composed a grammar based on 14 sutras and returned to Pataliputra (Patna). He defeated his classmate Katyayan and his grammar is considered world-famous grammar. It is believed that he died from a lion attack on Trayodashi Tithi, so Panini Grammar is not read on Trayodashi Tithi.

The total area of Panini village is 151.42 square kilometers. Major tourist attractions in this area are Panini Tapobhumi, Durwasheshwor gufa, Siddheshwor gufa, Shreenagar, Swargadwari, Nartanaachal parbart, alamdevi mandir and Reshunga.

How to reach Panini Tapobhumi?

Panini Tapobhumi can be reached after walking uphill for a few minutes from Pokharathok in Arghakhanchi and Tindhare in Palpa district.

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