Badi Kedar Temple Doti

Badi Kedar Nath Temple (बड्डी केदार) is a famous religious and historical place located in Badikedar Rural Municipality Ward No. 5 in Doti. It is 2891 m above the sea level. Bidi Kedar is worshiped as kul devta by the Chands of the Gautama gotra. There is a big Shila which is worshiped as the Lord Shiva. This place is considered a place of pilgrimage. Fair is organized every year and during this day many devotees visits this place. This area has great potential for religious tourism and herbs.


According to the legend, in ancient times, a cow from the local village used to come to graze here. It returns home after offering milk to Badikedar Shila and does not gives milk at home. One day cowherd followed and saw the cow giving milk at this place. After this the Brahmins around Lana village came and started worshiping. Locals say that from that time, puja was held in Badikedar on the day of Kartik Chaturdashi.

There is gai bacchai stone, Kedar dham and huge Shiva idol. You can see beautiful mountains from this place including mountains of Bajhang district. Big fair is held during Shivaratri, Baikuntha chaturdarshi. Badikedar is known as fulfilling the wishes of devotees. Due to the belief, devotees from different parts of the country and even from neighboring country India come to this fair every year. People of Tharu community from the Terai also visits here.

Badikedar Rural Municipality was established by combining Sawik Ghangal, Lanakedareshwar, Barchan and Mannakapadi VDC of Doti district in 2nd Chaitra 2073. Name of this rural municipality is named after the famous Dham Badikedar of this area. The total area of this rural municipality is 332.55 square kilometers at an altitude of 1800 meters above sea level.

How to reach Badi Kedar?

From Aatariya to khanidahda and from Satpur you can reach Badi Kedar after 55 km. From Attarkada it will take 3 to 5 hours by foot.


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