Jajura Daha in Surkhet

Full of natural beauty Jajura Daha is located at Panchapuri Municipality in Surkhet. It is a natural lake, 1000 meters above sea level. Jajura Dah is an important tourist attraction of Panchapuri Municipality. From this lake, one can view different parts of Sudurpaschim to the west, Achham at the north and Banke Bardia to the south. There is a Magar settlement near this lake, Jajuri and Daha are Magar language words. Jajuri means bull’s hooves and Daha means lake. Above this lake, there is a mountain that looks like a bull, due to which the name of this lake is ‘Jajura Daha’.


It is 7 meters deep and the total area of this lake is 45 ropani 6 aana. The source of the water of this lake is not found anywhere. It is assumed that the water comes from the middle of the lake. Locals believe that if this lake changes color, it indicates some kind of event in the future.

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There is Siddheshwor temple near this pond. Fair is held every year in this temple during Shivaratri. Similarly, Siddha paila, Madale gufa and Chamero gufa are other tourist attractions in this area.

How to reach Jajura Daha?

After traveling 47 km from Birendranagar, Bidyapur campus can be reached and it is about seven kilometers from this campus.


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