Rara lake travel guide Deepest lake of Nepal

Rara national park is the smallest national park in the country, while the Rara Lake is an oval-shaped Nepal’s biggest, deepest lake of Nepal surrounded by alpine coniferous vegetation in Nepal. Rara Lake is located in Mugu at 2,990 meter and 167 meter deep, 29 24 N, 82 05 E; 3,000 m above sea level. You’ll be surprised to know the fact, that no matter how cold the weather gets the lake never freezes. This region is also famous for trekking activities. Bird lovers can see different birds. Here you can find 214 species of birds, 20 species of mammals and 500 different kinds of flowers.


You can see endangered red panda, leopard, musk deer, Himalayan black bear, jackal, wild dog, wild boar, common langur, rhesus macaque, Himalayan tahr, Yellow-throated martin, black-necked grebe, red crested pochard, mallard, common teal and many more. During the summer it is covered with the Himalayan flowers creating a colorful landscape around the lake. This lake and the national park is protected by the Nepalese Army.

It looks different at different times of the day which makes it unique from other lakes and also known as Queen of the lake.

Murma Top

Murma Top is the best view point which offers a bird’s eye view of the beautiful Rara Lake, 360-degree mountain view, the rolling hills and birds watching. Murma top west from Rara lake and can be reached after approximately 2 hours walk from Rara lake. You can see full view of Rara beauty as well as Humla, Bajura, Bajhang, Sipal himal, Darchula, Api himal, Koiki himal, Chankhali himal of Chayanath, Khesmamalika and Reenmoksh daha(pond), Badimilika, Bajura, Khaptad, Tibet.

Area of Rara lake

If you’re wondering how big is Rara lake is then area of Rara lake is 9.8 km²

Rara lake surrounding

Rara lake is surrounded by green hills on all sides with a beautiful view.


Rara Lake is not a different lake as other lakes in Nepal. It is a part of Rara National Park in 1976 and people living in that area were resettled to Nepalgunj. There were two villages named Chapra and Rara. It was declared as a Ramsar site in the year September 2007.

It has linked history with late King Mahendra of Nepal who visited this place in 2020 B.S. on his foot, walking from Jumla. King Mahendra wrote poems by dedicating Rara Lake and it’s popularity increased after his visit. It is also known as Mahendra Lake, since this lake is known through King Mahendra and said that King named this lake “Apsara” after being captured by its beauty.

How to get there ?

How to go Rara lake from kathmandu ?

How can you get to Rara lake by air ?

It requires two flights from Kathmandu. There is no direct flight from Kathmandu to Rara Lake. First you must fly to Nepalgunj airport and then from Nepalgunj to Jumla airport or Talcha airport Rara Mugu.

  1. Take a domestic flight from Kathmandu to Nepalganj.
  2. Another domestic flight from Nepalganj to Talcha Airport Rara Mugu.
  3. Walk around three hours to Rara Lake.

How can you get to Rara lake by land:

It requires several days of long bus rides. You can reach there by local bus also but travelling in jeep will be better option.

Trek from Jumla

Rara National Park is 2.5 days trek from Jumala

Trek from Surkhet

It will take 10 days trek from Surkhet with beautiful view of nature.

Normally trip by jeep will be as follows:

  • Day 01: Drive Kathmandu – Surkhet. Overnight at Surkhet.
  • Day 02: Drive Surkhet – Kalikot. Overnight at Kalikot.
  • Day 03: Drive Kalikot – Rara. Overnight at Rara.
  • Day 04: Rara Lake Excursion. Overnight at Rara.
  • Day 05: Drive Rara – Kalikot. Overnight at Kalikot.
  • Day 06: Drive Kalikot – Surkhet. Overnight at Surkhet.
  • Day 07: Drive Surkhet – Kathmandu.

Rara lake weather

December, January and February are not best times to visit Rara lake as the passes are covered with snow, roads and air transport are often shut down. In winter season the ground frosts occurring from October. Snow starts to fall from the month of December through until April. During this period the minimum temperature drops below freezing and the area looks different than before.

You might feel that you’ve come to the different location as you’ll see white snow everywhere instead of green scenery. The monsoon is normally very short in this region, occurring between the months of July and October. April normally sees the start of the warmer weather starts normally from April and steadily increases to a pleasant temperature in the mid 77°F from May until September.

Best time to visit Rara lake

The best time to visit Rara lake is in the spring, summer and autumn.

Rara lake helicopter tour

Rara Lake area is not linked with proper road transportation and going by road takes long duration. Helicopter ride takes about 3 hours to complete the entire trip which is the best option to reach in a single day. It is the quickest ways to reach Rara Lake for those with limited time and a lack of physical strength. You can get beautiful panorama view of various snow-capped peaks, in a luxury trip to a less crowded destination. Helicopter tour cost to Rara depends upon different factors such as the flight starting place, group of people etc. The major flight starting places are Kathmandu, Pokhara and Nepalgunj.

Rara lake bike route

You can reach there on a bike also for adventure lovers but in proper season. It may take up-to 11 days to complete the journey starting from Kathmandu. Rara lake bike route Kathmandu to Surkhet, Surkhet to Kalikot, Kalikot to Gamghadi or Talcha Airport and then to Rara Lake Breakfast.

Life in Rara

Life in Mugu is not easy. Main occupation of people in this region is agriculture while some are also engaged in rearing goats and selling herbs.

Take a break from city life and get a once in a lifetime experience to see lesser explored beautiful side of Nepal. Get in touch with nature, seeing various species of animals and plants in least developed district in Nepal.


Food and accommodations

It is a good idea to take first-aid kit with you since there might be no health post in the area. It is a remote beautiful place, untouched by modern infrastructure. It is a place to feel/imagine ancient times so it better to arrange by yourself or through a travel agency. There might not be accommodation facility as you expect in this modern era. You will have tea houses in which the accommodations and meals are very basic. You might not find air conditioner in your hotel there but these days hotels are increasing there so you might find one but not sure. There may not be showers and toilets everywhere so you need to be prepared accordingly.

To meet growing number of tourists, home-stays in the neighboring village of Majhghatta for tourists have been started.

Other Activities

Locals have started offering horse riding and boating in Rara.

How long is the trek to Rara Lake?

Rara trek is a short trek, it can take from 4 days to more than 14 days depending upon mode of transport.

Is the trek to Rara Lake difficult?

It is a short trek so it’s not difficult. This trek is suitable for any fit person for a good experience.

Rara lake in map of Nepal

Rara trekking

Jumla – Rara trekking is one of the less crowed trekking route but oasis of natural beauty. Rara trek through the remote countryside of western Nepal offers a memorable experience of nature. Beginning the trek from the mountain airstrip of Jumla, the trail passes through green countryside which provides unusual glimpses of a culture and scenic adventure. It is quite different from that found elsewhere in Nepal and which eventually culminates to the Rara Lake National Park.

The entire route is “off the beaten track” which involves the crossing of Ghurchi Lagna pass at 3450 m on the way to Rara Lake and a few ridges at around 3000 meters when hiking on the way back. This trek can be done at any time of the year and through this trek one can find the natural beauty of Nepal and view unexploited rural culture as well.


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