Rara Lake

Rara national park is the smallest national park in the country, while the Rara Lake is Nepal’s biggest, deepest lake surrounded by alpine coniferous vegetation in Nepal. It is located at 2,990 meter and 167 meter deep. You’ll be surprized to know the fact, that no matter how cold the weather gets the lake never freezes.

Here you can find 214 species of birds, 20 species of mammals and 500 different kinds of flowers. You can see endangered red panda, leopard, musk deer, Himalayan black bear, jackal, wild dog, wild boar, common langur, rhesus macaque, Himalayan tahr, Yellow-throated martin,black-necked grebe, red crested pochard,mallard, common teal and many more.

Rara Lake
Rara Lake

Area of Rara lake
Area of Rara lake is 9.8 kmĀ²

Rara lake surrounding
Rara lake is surrounded by green hills on all sides with a beatuiful view.

kathmandu to Rara lake

How can you get to Rara lake by air ?

  1. Take a domestic flight from Kathmandu to Nepalganj.
  2. Another domestic flight from Nepalganj to Mugu airport. 3. Walk around 3 hours to Rara Lake.

How can you get to Rara lake by land:
You can reach there by local bus also but travelling in jeep will be better option.

Normally trip by jeep will be as follows:

  • Day 01: Drive Kathmandu – Surkhet. Overnight at Surkhet.
  • Day 02: Drive Surkhet – Kalikot. Overnight at Kalikot.
  • Day 03: Drive Kalikot – Rara. Overnight at Rara.
  • Day 04: Rara Lake Excursion. Overnight at Rara.
  • Day 05: Drive Rara – Kalikot. Overnight at Kalikot.
  • Day 06: Drive Kalikot – Surkhet. Overnight at Surkhet.
  • Day 07: Drive Surkhet – Kathmandu.

Rara lake weather
December, January and February are not best times to visit Rara lake as the passes are covered with snow. Roads and air transport are often shut down.

Best time to visit Rara lake
The best time to visit Rara lake is in the spring, summer and autumn.

Rara lake in map of Nepal


  1. Rara lake is a nice place to visit. I’ve been there once and it’s really a beautiful place in Nepal.

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