Skywalk tower Bhedetar

The skywalk tower in Bhedetar was built on public public-private partnership model with the investment of the Province 1 government. It will be built in Charles View Tower. It is a beautiful place popular as Shailung Danda or Charles Point in Bhedetar. is the main destination for tourists. This place was known as Shailung Hill before British Prince Charles climbed the hill. After he visits Shailung Hill and looks around, then people started to call this place Charles Point.

It is a tourist center in the east on the border of Sunsari and Dhankuta. You can get views of Terai, panoramic views of the Himalayas, Saptakoshi, hilly terrain, etc. It was built with the expectation to attract a large number of tourists and provide employment to people. This project is started to attract 1 million tourists annually. It was designed by Skywalk Wonders Amusement Parks and Attractions Pvt. Ltd. It’s estimated cost of 200 million.

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