The Gunfire pond Timbung Pokhari info and trek details

Timbung Pokhari (तिमबुन्ग पोखरी) is situated in the middle of a rocky hill between Sindingwa and Panchthar’s Yangwarak in the Taplejung district of Nepal. The name Timbung Pokhari comes from the word ‘Tembak’ which means the firing of a gun. In the Limbu language, ‘Te’ means gun and ‘Bung’ means crackling sound. The pond sometimes produces a sound similar to firing of a gun so people here called this pond Timbung Pokhari.


Beautiful views of Kanchenjunga, Kumbhakarna, Sikkim and Darjeeling can be seen from this place. It is located at an altitude of 4,481 m from the sea level. Timbung Pokhari is 466 m long and 154 m deep. Around Timbung Pokhari there are other ponds such as Laxmi Pokhari, Handi Pokhari, Dudh Pokhari, Tawa Pokhari, Neer Pokhari, Mayur Pokhari etc. It is said that there are 178 ponds around Timbung Pokhari.

In this area there are various species of wildlife like Himalayan Blue Sheep, Himalayan Monal, Himalayan Goral beer, red panda, Snow Leopard, Musk Deer etc and herbs like Panchaunle, Khokim, Bikhma, Padamchal, Kenzo, Mycopila, Kuti etc are found. If you are lucky then you will get a chance to see the rarest animals on the earth.

There is a belief that if you worship in Timbung Pokhari your wishes will be fulfilled. Every year, during the month of Shrawan (July-August) and at festivals like Janai Purnima, Nagh Panchami many pilgrims from different parts of the country including some parts of India visit this place. It is also visited by many Indian travelers from Manipur, West Bengal and Sikkim as the pond is very near to India.

Best season to visit Timbung Pokhari

The best season is from May to August to visit Timbung Pokhari. Here, winter begins in September and during this season even local shepherds migrate from this place. You might not find anyone there even shepherds during the winter season due to extreme cold and heavy snowfall. Snow covers this pond for a half year consistently.

Timbung Pokhari Trek

Timbung Pokhari Trek begins from Betaine (2000 m) by foot to get the majestic views of Kanchenjunga (8,586 m) the third-highest peak in the world seen from Timbung Pokhari. Betaine is a small village between Taplejung and Panchthar. From Betaine via Falaicha and trek continues to Kali Khola Gau, then to Bikhe Chaur (3500 m – 4000 m) and finally to the destination. This trek also passes by the shore of Kali Khola (Kali River). The trek duration varies between 3 to 4 days, depending on the experience and physical capability of the traveler. There is no direct road service to reach this place. There is a plan to build a trekking course from Sandakpur to Timbu Pokhari.

How to reach Timbung Pokhari?

It takes 4 days from Kathmandu about 675 km away, Kathmandu Bus Park – Birtamod, Jhapa – Tharpu, Panchthar – Kali Khola, Taplejung – Bikhechaur, Taplejung – Timbung Pokhari. For accommodation, there may be nearby Chauri Goth of shepherds. There is no human settlements near this area so you won’t find any comfortable hotels.

There is another path from Chiwabhanjyang, the origin of the Mid-Hills Highway and also from the Sandakpur-Falot route by traveling from Pashupatinagar of Ilam.

Timbung Pokhari map

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