Cruise ship Nepal

Rhino Water Entertainment Pvt Ltd operates a Rhino Cruise Ship in the Narayani River in Chitwan, Nepal. The cruise ship station is at Kavreghat in Bharatpur. This cruise ship has 3 floors and 180 to 200 passengers can board the cruise at a time in the three-story cruise.

On the first floor, there are rooms for meetings and conferences, birthdays, anniversaries, and wedding ceremonies. There is also a restaurant on the upper floor. It also has the facility of a bar, VIP cabin, and washroom. Inside the Rhino cruise ship, there are attractive stages for cultural events. There are selfie points and units suitable for shooting movies.


The ticket for boarding the cruise ship is Rs 700 and passengers have insurance coverage of Rs. 10 lakhs. There is breakfast, lunch, and dinner service inside the cruise ship. Breakfast cost is Rs 1500, lunch is Rs 2000 and dinner is Rs 2500. There is a facility with a restaurant inside the cruise itself.

The cruise has two engines that will cover a distance of 1,800 meters per hour. The number of tourists coming to Chitwan has increased due to cruise ships. It is said to reach Devghat in winter and Ghazipu in the rainy season.

This cruise ship is made using Norwegian technology and built by the technicians of Kerala, India. There will be 15 people in its crew. There are two engines on the cruise.

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