Surma Sarobar lake

Surma Sarobar Lake (सुर्मा सरोबर ताल) is a holy lake located in the Surma Rural Municipality, Bajhang district. It is one of the major religious and tourist attractions of Bajhang in the middle of a high mountain range. Surma Sarowar Lake is the second-highest lake in Nepal and the largest lake in the Bajhang district. It is also known as Mini Kailash.


This lake is at the foot of Chandeshikhar Himal. It is at an altitude of 4313 m above sea level. Surma Sarobar is shaped like a human eye. This lake is often covered by fog and clouds. The weather here is cold.

It offers views of stunning landscapes, beautiful grasslands, mountains peaks like Saipal Mountain, Surma Sarowar Peak and Jethi Bahurani. Different species of wildflowers, poisonous plants, herbs like Yarsagumba, ban lasun (forest garlic) and animal species like small black bears are found here. It is a kingdom of colorful flowers. The Himalayan Monal is a common sight in this place.

Near Surma Lake, there is a temple of Goddess Surma Devi. A big fair is held here every year. A sixty-day long festival is celebrated in July/August. Devotees from different parts participate barefoot for more than 5 days in the holy lake. Devotees participating in this festival are prohibited from eating meat, onion, garlic and liquor.

This festival is held to honor the goddess Surma Devi and who is believed to be one of the 16 sisters of Nava Durga Bhagwati. It is believed that one gets rid of all sins by taking bathing in this lake. The people of Bajhang take baths from Ekadashi to Trayodashi in the month of Shrawan and they stay in the cave nearby.

How to reach Surma Lake?

Surma Lake is located in the north direction of Chainpur, the headquarters of the Bajhang district. From Kathmandu, you can take a flight to Nepalganj and then you can reach Chainpur. On the day of starting the journey from Chainpur, you have to reach a place called Ghogada. On the second day, you have to reach Pangad Jado via Patyuri, Lumand, and Daulichaur. On the third day, a steep uphill road will take you to Surma Lake. Return on the fourth day and after reaching Pangadjado, one can put on their shoes.

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