Aghoris eats human flesh?

Aghor cult is a cult of Hindu religion and people who follow Aghor cult are known as aghori. Aghoris are devotees of Lord Shiva. Aghori is usually cut off from the society. They have their world apart from the society. Aghoris are a type of sadhus with uncommon rituals and ways of worship. They are simple beings or beings who live with complete simplicity.


Does Aghoris eat human flesh?

Ahgori is known for their nature to eat anything. If you can eat human flesh like a chicken with no disgust that implies you have gone beyond your senses. They consume in a bowl made out of a human skull.

Why do Aghoris eat human flesh?

They eat the flesh of human as a part of their aghor practice but they do not kill any creatures just to fill their stomach. They only eat the abandoned dead bodies in the cremation grounds. The government does not punish them for this as they are not doing anything illegal. It is a test meant for Aghoris from their guru.

Aghori sadhana

Their idea behind sadhana (Aghor practice) on cremation ground is to destroy the fear of death which is the greatest fear of all living creatures on the earth. They also seek to free themselves from the bonds of greed, obsession, anger, and sensual pleasure and become Sadashiv. Aghori perform three types of practices Shiva sadhna, cremation, and cremation sadhana. In Shiva sadhana, keeping the feet above the dead body and doing meditation is done. The rest of the way is similar to cremation.

The clan does not have any sort of hatred or contempt in them. A true aghor is known to be above human frailties like fear or hatred, he or she is always on a devotional path of intense yogic and tantric sadhana.

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