Chuli Pokhari

Chuli Pokhari is located in the hills of Miklajung rural municipality-2 in Morang District, Nepal. It is a pond surrounded by green hills. It is on top of a large “W” shaped rock, covered with dense forest. This pond is spread over an area of nearly two bighas.

This pond in the Chure region is a religiously, historically and archaeologically significant place. One can have a panoramic view of nature from Chuli Pond, which is covered by dense forest. There is a wide variety of flora and fauna.

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According to the locals, in ancient times there were two ponds named Raja (king) and Rani (queen) in the Chuli Pokhari area. It is believed that over time, Rani Pokhari in the west dried up and only Raja Pokhari remained. The source of water in this pond is from the nearby hills, water reflects the surrounding hills, creating a lovely scene.

How to reach the Chuli Pokhari?

Chuli Pokhari can be accessed from Kisan Chowk and Urlabari Chowk North. Chuli Pokhari is reached through Kisan Chowk, Tandi Dhobeni and Sakhre.

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