Taksera Kham cultural heritage in Nepal

Takasera (टकसेरा) is a unique village in Nepal located in Rukum. Takasera is a VDC (village development committee) in the Eastern Rukum district of Nepal. It lies in Province No. 5 of western Nepal. A Major attraction of this place is the type of houses that are thousands of years old. It is a Kham cultural heritage in Nepal.


Takasera is Kham Magar village in Nepal, Rukum is famous for the Magar settlement and culture. The main language spoken in Takasera village is the “Kham” language. During the 2011 census, it had 902 individual households and a population of 3698. Taksera village is located at an altitude of 2,200 m above sea level.

Here, you’ll find a typical Nepali village settlement. This village has beautiful surroundings with diverse traditional and cultural values, Kham culture is unique. Rural organic food, lifestyle, language, culture and festivals are major attractions for tourists. Bhume Puja is one of a festival celebrated in this place.

Clothes and scarves are made here using sheep wool. These products are made locally by hand. Different herbs are found here such as Yarchagumba, Shilajit, Pancaaule, Katuko and many more.

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Takasera map

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