I love you in Chinese

Kalenjin language is spoken in Kenya, eastern Uganda and northern Tanzania. To say I love you in Kalenjin language you can say “ochomin / achamin“. You can say lover as chamanet and to say my lover you can say chamanenyun. Similarly, to say husband “moning’otiot” and my husband meaning “moning’otiot ndenyun”.
Wife means osotio and my wife means osotio ndenyun.

Words in Kalenjin language:

Hello: Chamgei
Boy: Ngetet
Father: kwanda
Mother: koruchon
Girl: chepto
Boy: ng’etet
Child: lakwet
Boy child: lakwet ne ng’etet
Girl child: lakwet ne chepto
First born: taita
Old man: boyot
Old woman: chepyoset
Slowly: mutio mutio (Drive slowly: ket mutio)
Sorry: mutio
Very sorry: mutio mising
No worries: matimagen ki
No problem: mami ng’ala
What: nee
Where: ano
Which: Ainon
Who: ng’oo
Money: chepkondok
Shop: tukeet
Price: beit
Thank you: kongoi
Please: kaigai
Excuse me: taretan
Welcome: itagat
Goodbye: saisere

Kalenjin language sentences meaning in English:

Can I take a photo?
Obir pichait ?

We love them.
kichome icheket.

What is your name?
kikurenin ng’oo?

Nice to meet you.
kamnyeit anyorun.

How are you?

I am fine.
ochomegee/ achamegee.

See you later.
Ketuyen saitage

How much?
siling’ata ?

It is cheap?
Beit ne mi ng’wenyi?

It is expensive.
Beit ne mi barak.

Please reduce the price.
kaigai bos beit.

How do I pay?
Alibondoi ano?


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