Saraiki is the primary language in Pakistan which is spoken in Sindh, Balochistan, KhyberPakhtonkhawa and central Pakistan.

To say I love you in Saraiki language you can say “me tenu piar karda ha“.

Other word meaning in Saraiki language:

Welcome: bismillaah Sain بسم اللہ سائیں
Thanks: shukriaa شکریہ
Bathroom: Ghusal khana
Forwards: aggoon
Backwards: pichoon
Left: khabbay
Right: sajjay
Up: utoon
Down: talloon
Yes: jee, or, haa.
No: kona
Goodbye!: khuda hafeez!
Stop: rok
Water: panrien
Bread: chapati, roti
Chicken: kukerh
Lamb/Goat : mehen da ghosht

How are you?
tuhaaDey kiaa haal hin?
تہاݙے کیا حال ہِن۔

I am fine.
changey haal hin.
چنگے حال ہِن

Where are you going?
Tusaan kithaan vende pay hevay?
تساں کتھاں ویندے پے ہیوے؟

I don’t know.
Menku pata kaini.
میکوں پتہ کائنی

Whats your name?
Tuada na kay aay?

My name is Paul.
meda naan Paul aay.

where are you going?
kithan wainday piyo?

I’m going to library.
Mein vainda piyan library.

I need a doctor!
Mekun doctor chahida hai horen!

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