How to say I love you in Lepcha language ?

To say I love you in Lepcha language you can say Go Adam Go ham or Go Adam Lenchyo matseo. For lover you can say Mik-thyaak.


Lepcha word meaning:

Children: ingngaa song
Don’t worry: makyan
I: Go
We: Kaayoo
You: Hao
He/She: Hu [ hu ]
They: Huyoo
Good: Ryoo paa
Headache: aathyaak daok
Beautiful: Aazuk
Who: Too
What: Syoo
Where: Sabaa/Sabee
When: Sathaa
How much: Satet
How: Salom
Welcome: sam sa
Stand up: lookding
Sit down: ngaan
Thank you: Taokchhyee
Today: saraong
To say: lee
To look: ngak
To read: rok
To write: pee
To listen: nyen
To understand: kao
Wait for a minute: Yup kaat raong
Why: Syoo maatnu
Wait a minute: Yup kaat raong o
what happend: syoo ngoon?
Will you go: naong syee?
No, it is not: magon

Lepcha basic sentences:

Are you hungry?
Aadom kritdaok o?

I am a little hungry.
Kaam-kaam kritdaok ma.

Is it fine with you?
Aadom ryoo aa?


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