How to say I love you in Sherpa language

I love you
Nga gakirup khyorong


I – nga
Love – gakirup
you – khyorong

You (plural) meaning is khyirang

Lover is called “chetu” in Sherpa language.

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Other useful sentences in Sherpa language that might be helpful for you.

What is your name ?
Khyoro min kang hin ? or Khyoro minla kang si ?

How are you ?
Thangbu ?

Are you fine ?
Thangburang ?

How old are you ?
Lo cho lepki ?

Do you have children ?
Peza watang me ?

Please come in !
Nangla phewa. or Khangba shok.

What time is it now ?
Cho baje kyasung ?

It is ten o’clock.
Dash baje kyasung.

What is this ?
Di kang hin ?

The weather is nice.
Nam lemu chungsung.

Where is your house ?
Khyoro khangba keni hin ? or Zimkhang keni hin ?

I am tired.
En chesung.

Please have a seat !
Jusa. / Juni. / De.

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  1. Sorry to say but this is wrong, Sherpa is a SOV language which means the subject comes before the subject and the verb comes last. “I love you” in Sherpa would be “Nga Khyor Ningje Langinok”

  2. If it is possible to keep pronounciation of sherpa word that how to pronounce than I request you to keep that as well . And Thankyou very much for everythings


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