I love you in Manipuri language and other love phrases

I love you
Ei nang-bu nungshi(noong-shi).
The most appropriate way to say “I love you” in Manipuri language or Meitei language Eina nang-bu noong-shi.
I – Eina
You – Nang-bu
To love – Nungshi

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There are two different kinds of manipuris that is meitei and bishnupriya. In Meitei language I love you can be said as eina nang nungshi or ei nangbu pami. In the Bishnupriya language I love you means mi tore hoba paui or mi tore bana pauri or mi tore hada pauri.

Girlfriend meaning in Manipuri (Meiteilon) – koinaba nupi/khangnaba nupi/nungshinaba nupi

Manipuri word meaning in English:
He – Mahag
She – Mahag
You – Nahag/ adombu(with respect)
This – Mashi
That – Mado
Come – Laklo
Came – Lakle
pliz come – Lengsinbirak u
Open – Haangdoklo
Opened – Haangdokle.
Will open – Haangdokani
Sit – Phammu.
Walk – Chatlu.
Eat – Chaarro
Drink – Thaklo
Win – Kaarro
Go – Chatkharo
Run – Chello

Manipuri (Meiteilon) romantic sentences:
Will you marry me?
Nang eiga luhonggadra?

Yes, I will marry you.
Hoi, ei nangga luhonggani.

I want to marry you.
Ei nangga luhongba paammi.

Do you love me?
Nang eibu nungshibra?

Yes, I love you.
Hoi, ei nangbu nungshi.

Do you trust me?
Nang eibu thaajabra?

I trust you.
Hoi, ei nangbu thaajei.

I like you.
Ei nangbu paammi.

Do you like me?
Nang eibu paambra?

Yes, I like you.
Hoi, ei adombu paammi.

Please don’t leave me alone.
Chaanbiduna eibu naitom thaadokpiramganu.

I will never leave you alone.
Keidounungda eina nangbu naitom thaadokloi.

Do you have any girlfriend?
Nanggee koinaba nupi leibra?

I have a girlfriend.
Hoi, eigee koinaba nupi ama lei.

You are beautiful.
Nangshe phajei.

I love Manipur.
Ei Manipur nungshi.

I like Manipur.
Ei Manipur pamjei.

Do you love Manipur?
Adom Manipur nungshibara?

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13 thoughts on “I love you in Manipuri language and other love phrases”

  1. Can u please translate for me
    “ei chagu kaya subre nangnda tanark ese nangna hwjikfao yadrise karini hybane”

    • Chagu_ It’ should be chahi (years)
      The meaning of the above statement is : I have been chasing u for years ,y don’t u just agree with me “

    • Chagu_it should b chahi(year)
      The meaning of the above statement is :I have been chasing U for years, y don’t you just agree / say yes with me?


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