I love you in Dogri

Dogri western Pahari language is a spoken mainly in Jammu, India. Dogri is written using either Devanagari script or Persian variant of the Arabic script and historically it was written in Dogra variant of the Takri script. It is spoken in India, Pakistan, Jammu, Himachal Pradesh, Gurdaspur/Pathankot Punjab. According to 2001 data there is 4 million total native speakers.

I Love You
Minjo tere naal pyar hega

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Hello: Ke aal aee
Bye: changa ji pher
Thank You: dhanwaad

How Are You?
kiyaan oo ji

He is eating an apple.
O seb khaa da

He ate an apple.
Os seb khada

I saw the film last week.
Me pishle hafte film dikhi

She came by bus yesterday.
O kal bus upr aayi

They went to the temple.
O mndre gede hey

They came from the mosque.
O masjid aaste aade he

He slept the whole night.
O Puri raat sutta ha

He wrote well in the examination.
Os paper ch shael likhya

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