I love you in Kurukh language

Translation for “I love you” in Kurukh is “Aina niggan pataradan”.
Devanagari script- ऐन निंग्गन पतारदन।


I can’t live without you.
Nigahai bina uja polon.
निग्हैं बिना उजा पोलोन।

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It feels good to see you.
Nigana aeradena khane besa laggi.
निंगन ऐरदन खने बेस लग्गीं।

Kurukh sentences:

What can I do?
Yen yender nana yungdan?

What did you do?
Nin yender nanjakay?

What should I do?
Yen yender nanon?

What were the questions?
Yender menta rahcha?

What is the last question?
Aakhari minta indra rahcha?

What is written in the letter?
Chitti nu indra tudka rahi?

What you had been told?
Ningan yender bachaka rahcha ?

What are the questions?
Yender menta tali?

What will be the answer?
Utara yender mano ?

Why did you tell him to go?
Nin aasin yinderege kala bachkay?

Why did he bring the bag?
Aas jhola yender ge undras?

Why did she pay the money?
Aas bhiba yender ge chichash?

Why did they sit there?
Aas aasan yender ge ukka rahchas?

Why did you come?
Nin yenderge barchakay?

Why did you sleep?
Nin yender ge khandarkay?

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