Kalamasi Bojini dam site and picnic spot

Kalamasi or Bojini dam is a small man-made beautiful artificial lake, located in Kalamasi village (also called Bojini/Bojinee village), in the western lap of Nagarkot at Changunarayan municipality. Many people are unaware of the existence of this artificial lake in Nepal but because of social media, it became popular. A beautiful view of 16 feet deep lake can be seen especially during the monsoon season. It is also a resting place for people who are on their way to Nagarkot.

The place was initially a bojho land which means free grassland and Kalamasi villagers made a dam for irrigation purposes. This lake is filled with spring water and surrounded by a pine forest. Today this lake is a famous tourist destination and it is the shortest gateway to Nagarkot. It is a beautiful tourist destination near Kathmandu also known as Nagarkot Damsite. There is a green landscape near the dam where people can sit and relax viewing the sight of the green forests. It is a good picnic, camping spot in Bhaktapur and a dating spot. It is also a good place for barbecuing and you can collect firewood from the nearby forest.


There is no entry fees to visit the Bojini Dam. There are a lot of visitors on Saturdays.

How to reach Nagarkot Damsite?

It takes less than two hours to reach here from Kathmandu to Koteshwor – Jagati – Karyabinayak – Nagarkot Road and finally you’ll reach Bojini Nagarkot Damsite. You can get here by a two-wheeler or a four-wheeler vehicle.

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