Khiji Tholedemba Hill

Khiji Tholedemba hill (खिजी थोलेदेम्बा) is the highest hill of Okhaldhunga district. It is located in Khiji Chandeshwori near Khijiphalate and Khijikati Okhaldhunga. It is at 3350 meters above sea level. It is the most attractive hill, one of the 7 famous mountains of the same height in Nepal.


You can view beautiful snow-capped mountains from this hill. This hill is popular for sightseeing as one can see panoramic views of the Himalayas such as Gaura Parvat, Lotse, Nupche, Gaurishankar, and Numbur mountain range to Mount Everest.

According to the legend, the name Khiji Tholedemba comes from the Sunuwar language. In this language Khi means house, Ji, Ja, Cha is the name of Sunuwar, Thole means Hill, High or Top and the meaning of Demba is to be heap, a mass heap of snow, top of a peak.

Khi = House
Ji, Ja, Cha = name of Sunuwar
Thole = Hill, High or Top
Demba = to be heap, mass heap of snow, top of peak

Different species of herbs are found in this region and it is also the habitat of wild animals such as tigers, bears, leopards, lions, deer, deer, deer, and birds munal, kalij.

Accommodation: There are few hotels to stay in Khiji Tholedemba.

How to reach Khiji Tholedemba Hill?

Tholedemba hill is located about 210-215 km east of Kathmandu. One can reach there by road or by flight. Phetale – Chilimdanda – Lamje Chuli Daduwa – Mele Tholedemba – Phalate Bazar – Khiji Chandeswori.

Photo source: khijidemba gaupalika

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