Okharkot Hill

Okharkot hill (ओखर कोट) is a beautiful place in Pyuthan, Nepal. Okharkot is also known as the ‘King of Hills’. From there you can see the beautiful Himalayan ranges, terai, villages and sunrise. You can observe the high mountains, central hills and the Mahabharata range. In Okharkot you may find homestay at some places.

With the construction of stairs, it became easy for internal and external tourists to reach Okharkot. Local stones were used while making stairs. It is also known as a mini great-wall because of its view seen from the top. It will take 15 to 25 minutes to climb upstairs to the top. There is Khadgadevi temple and near this temple, there is a place where buffaloes are sacrificed during the Dashain festival.


Okharkot has historical importance. At the foot of Okharkot village, there is the Jhimruk River and the Gartang River flows in the middle of the village. Okharkot village is located between the two rivers and Okharkot’s kot is on the top of this village.

How to reach Okharkot Hill?

From Bagdulla, Maranthana to the main point of Okharkot known as Macchi. The village of Okharkot is situated on the top of Macchi.

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