Jakhera Lake Dang

Jakhera Lake (जखेरा ताल) is a beautiful tourist destination located in Lamahi Municipality-5 of Dang. It is situated at the foot of Chure Hills and on the south by the beautiful village of Musundi. The gorgeous scenery of the lakes attracts many tourists from different parts of Nepal as well as outside Nepal, especially from India. Tourists visit here to observe the beauty of the lake, jungle safari (forest walk), boating, birds watching and there is also a picnic spot.


This lake is surrounded by forest. The green forest has added beauty to the lake. The land covered by this lake is 5 bigha and it is six feet deep. At the north of this lake, there is a temple of Lord Ganesh and Siddeshwar Mahadev Temple in the east direction. Devotees visit the temple crossing the lake by boat. To reach this temple from Ghorahi it is about 35 kilometers by road.

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The lake has its own history, people have been collecting rain water in this lake for irrigation. The place where sky water is collected is known as Jakhera in the Tharu language, sky water is the main water source in this lake. Normally, the Sonpur VDC area of Deukhuri Valley was dry, late Dibu Chaudhary of Sonpur initiated the construction of muddy dam to collect the rain water for irrigation of this area. It was built around 1948-1953 AD. With the joint efforts of the people of Sonpur, Tikligarh, Falkapur and Shreegaun it was possible to collect rain water in this place.

The lake is being conserved by the community forest consumer group of that region.

How to reach Jakhera Lake?

Jakhera Lake is approximately 2 km to the north through Sundabari village. It is 6 km east of a popular market known as Lamahi Bazaar in Dang district.

Photo source: Lamahi Municipality


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