Yulsaa Taal

Yulsaa taal is a beautiful lake located in Gotichaur, Jumla. Talking about the Jumla district, it was one of the many kingdoms before unification by King Prithvi Narayan Shah. It is one of the ten districts of the Karnali province of Nepal with an area of 2,531 square kilometers (977 sq mi).


Yulsaa taal is at an altitude of 4200 m above sea level surrounded by rocky mountains. This lake is a beautiful tourist destination and also and important pilgrimage site. On the way, you’ll see beautiful landscapes, monasteries, different herbs etc.

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There you may not find any hotels in higher altitudes but you may find homestay or get to stay in villages. It’s better to take tents and other necessary equipment before you begin your journey. You may get locally grown organic food like corn, potatoes etc.

How to reach Yulsaa Taal?

It may take 2-3 days to reach this lake from Jumla. Your trip begins from Jumla to Chotra village then to Angulte Patan and finally to Yulsaa Taal.


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