Nadi Lake Sarlahi

The largest lake of Sarlahi district, Nadi Lake (नाढी ताल) is located in Chandranagar VDC (village development committee). Sarlahi district lies in Province number 2. This historical heritage is also known as Nadhi tal, Nadhiman tal and 52 bigha pokhari. It is a natural lake, not man-made. The shape of this lake is semi-circular.

According to local residents, in 1974 B.S. Shree tin Chandra Shamsher Rana made a settlement in this area by clearing the forest and this lake was discovered. There is a temple of Maneshwar Mahadev. The total area of this lake is 52 bigha. This scenic tourist destination is popular for tour, boating and picnic purposes.


A big fair is held here during Shree Panchami. You’ll see domestic and Indian tourists enjoying around the lake.

How to reach Nadi Lake?

Nadi Lake is a place to visit in Sarlahi district which is approximately 11 km south from away from Mahendra highway and 4 km from Malangwa.

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